Orders / enquiries

To place an order first follow the relevant sizing instructions then send those along with your choice of colour to trailhoundssa (at)

or phone Bronwyn on 079 047 9963.

These harnesses can also be used for walking your dog as well as running with them.

Trail Hounds Fitted Harness

A great option for walking, Canicross or Bikejor, the Trail Hounds Fitted Harness directs the pulling force to the shoulders and chest.
It has a fixed neck size with adjustments on the girth strap around the ribs to fit different sized dogs. It is lightly padded for comfort, has reflective strips and comes in a range of different colours. The harness includes a grab handle on the top, ideal for flyball or agility.

Price: R450

Sizing: Measure dogs neck, chest, and length from top of shoulders to last rib.

  • X-LARGE - Ridgebacks, Large German Shepherds
    Neck 55cm+ Chest 95cm+ Back 65cm+
  • LARGE - Large Labradors, German Shepherds
    Neck 45 - 55cm Chest 75 - 95cm Back 55 - 65cm
  • MEDIUM - Large Border Collies, Medium Retrievers & Labradors
    Neck 45 - 50cm Chest 65 - 85cm Back 55 - 65cm
  • SMALL - Small Border Collies, Staffies, Beagles & Medium Spaniels
    Neck 34 - 40cm Chest 55 - 75cm Back 38 - 50cm
  • X-SMALL - Small Terriers, Cocker Spaniels & Toy Breeds
    Neck 27 - 30cm Chest 45 - 65cm Back 27 - 32cm

Trail Hounds Bungee Leads

Bungee leads are great for either walking, running or bikejor with your dog as they absorb the shock of any sudden changes of direction.

The bungee leads come
in several configurations.

  • Short with grab handle
  • Single clip
  • Double clip
  • Two dog (forked lead)

The single clip lead is around 1.5m unstretched while the double clip is slightly longer at 1.7m. The two dog lead forks into a Y shape allowing you to easily walk, run or ride with two dogs at once.
All the bungee leads can come in either black or burnt orange.

Short grab handle lead: R150

Single clip: R200

Double clip: R250

Two dog (forked): R300

Trail Hounds Comfort Running Waistbelt

This belt is comfortably padded and fully adjustable. Using it will take the strain away from your lower back as well as leaving your hands free. It has a smart-phone sized pocket on the back and large reflective strips for when out in the early morning or evening. The belt comes with an extra ring and hook for attaching a water bottle.


Sizing: fully adjustable
one size fits all.

By default the waistbelt comes in black and without leg straps.

Other colours can be chosen on request, as can the option of having leg straps to help keep the belt from slipping up or down while running.

Trail Hounds Treat Bags

Treat bags, perfect for training or agility classes. Each comes with an adjustable waist belt and has two large pockets inside for holding dog treats. The lid is held in place by magnets for easy open and closing with one hand.

Available in various colours

Treat Bag: R200.

Trail Hounds Half-check Collars

Collars come in 6 different sizes, and the same set of colours as the harnesses.

Half-check collar: R140.

Available in various colours

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple

Other colours can be arranged on request.

Adjustable D-Ring Leads

Our Adjustable D-Ring leads are a great all-round solution for dog walking. With a clip at both ends and d-rings at different points along its length you can quickly adjust the lead length appropriately to your situation. Have it at full length to give your dog more freedom, or bring it in to half length when you need them back by your side. A tough and durable piece of kit, it is also great for running with your dogs as well.

Available in red

Price: R200

Fully adjustable
so only one size